Carruthers Family

Carruthers, E, wife and four children sailed from London on 15 August 1852 in the cutter, True Briton.   They arrived at Port Nicholson, Wellington, on 18 December 1852.
(Wellington Pioneer roll to 1855, Vol II)

The Carruthers family are part of the Johnston clan, Scottish borderers of the Western March, Scotland.  The Carruthers family came particularly from Annandale near Dumfries - the villages of Moffat, Lockerbie and Wamphray.

As told to Mary Kathleen Joseph by Edwin Thomas Geary:
"When Colonel Carruthers, his great-grandfather, came to New Zealand, he did not intend to stay.  He had two sons, followed by five daughters, the youngest, Theresa, born just three weeks after their arrival.  The elder son, Thomas, was Edwin's maternal grand-father.  He was followed by John, Mary Catherine, Jane, Emily, Annie and Theresa.

Colonel Carruthers was a remittance man and received money from Home.  He was accidently killed by a falling tree, the account of which can be found in the Turnbull Library, Wellington.

They had deeds given to their father for services rendered.  Mary Catherine put them in the hands of her brother to mind (in a brown paper package).  He left it on a park bench on the way to the ship.  When she was told, it seems her face turned white.  There is a Post Office on that site now and it is a valuable piece of land." (It is possible that the deeds were for land in Canada, not Quebec but possibly Montreal)."

Edwin Montague Carruthers and son were chopping trees in Ngauranga.  His son chopped a tree which fell on Edwin, crushing his right lung.   He died five days later.

As provided by Father Brian Johnston Carruthers:
"Edwin Montague Carruthers was a convert, secretary to Edward Gibbon Wakefield.   Killed by a falling tree, aged 52, 7 June 1857.  Son of Colonel Carruthers.   (Coroner's Report, Turnbull Library)"

Jury Lists:
1854: Edwin Carruthers, brewer.  Resident household - Lutton Place, Te Aro
1856: Edwin Carruthers, gardener.  Cumutoto Street (now Bowen Street)

Electoral Rolls for the year 1855 - 1856, City of Wellington
Carruthers, Edwin Montague, Kumutoto St, gardener.
Electoral Rolls for the year 1856 - 1857, City of Wellington
Carruthers, Edwin Montague, Kumutoto St, gardener.
Electoral Rolls for the year 1858, City of Wellington
Carruthers, Thomas, Wellington Terrace, Labourer

Letter to Thomas Carruthers from Alfred Daly, September 2nd, 1853

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