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Cook family

Oral History:
Aaron Cook's parents were Henry and Harriet Cook.  Henry Cook was a gardener.  Aaron was born in County Surrey in 1870 and came with his family to New Zealand in 1874.  His brothers were Moses Cook (Christchurch), Charlie Cook, Reg Cook (born 1899) and Alf Cook (half brother).

Death Certificate:
Aaron Cook was a labourer who married Alice Jane Scadden in Masterton, New Zealand, at the age of 28.  He died on 27 June 1936 of myocarditis, which he had suffered from for an indefinite period.  At the time of his death, he lived at 60 Durie Vale Road, Wanganui and he was aged 66.  Survived by eleven children.  M37, M35, F33, F31, M29, F27, M24, F23, M21, F19, F16. [as from his Death Certificate]

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