Gascoygne Family

Isabella (nee Barr) and Newell Gascoygne (born c. 1829) lived in Auckland towards the end of the 19th Century.

They were my great-great-great-great grandparents.  

Newell Gascoygne came to a sorry end.  In 1864 he fell down into a cellar and never recovered from his injuries.  At the time he was discovered it was thought he was drunk - he'd certainly been seeking grog a short time earlier - but there is no way of verifying this.  He was only 35 years old and his death certifcates states that he died from 'Paralysis, caused by injury to the Spine'.  His profession is noted as 'Mariner'.

The Coroner's Inquest Notice was published on page 5 of the NZ Herald on Saturday 16 April, 1864.

Children of Isabella and Newell Gascoygne

Isabella Gascon, born 17 August 1847, Tamakimakaurau, Auckland, New Zealand.
Parents listed as Noel Gascoygne and Isabella Barr.

Newell Gascoygne, born 25 October 1849, Auckland.  
On the birth certificate, his parents are listed as Newell Gaskong (Sawyer) and Isabella Barr.

Daniel Gaskong, born 19 April 1952, Auckland.
Parents listed as Newell Gascoygne (Sawyer) and Isabella Barr.  

Marriage of Isabella Gascoygne to Antonio Josef

The 'Return Application to Marry' for Antonio Josef and Isabella Gascoygne states that Isabella was aged 16 and resided at Mills Lane, Auckland, where she had been living for 4 years.  The place where the marriage was to be solemnised was St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Auckland.  The marriage certificate notes that Antonio Josef was a Bushman, of full age, and that Isabella Gascoygne, Spinster, was a Minor.  Antonio's usual dwelling place is noted as Matakana, Auckland, but 'only for 10 days'.  
The certificate is dated 02 January 1864.  The Officiating Minister is noted as the Very Rev'd James McDonald.

Isabella married Antonio Josep on 07 January 1864 at St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Auckland.
In the presence of: Mathew Hooper, Auckland Boat Man and Jessie McLeod, Auckland.
(Folio No. 1251).

She and Antonio ended up living on the West Coast.  Information relating to the Josephs can be found on this page.

Isabella Joseph

Isabella Joseph died on 29 July 1916, in Blaketown, Westland, New Zealand. Her religion is noted as Roman Catholic.  Cause of death is noted as Apoplexy which she'd had for 8 days.  (This was most likely paralysis due to a stroke).  Isabella was 68 years old and is buried in Greymouth.

Isabella's Obituary was published in the Greymouth Evening Star of 31 July 1916.

Obituary for Isabella Joseph

Note: When researching their records I have come across some different spellings for both Gascoygne and Joseph.  I've presented them on this page as they were written in the various documents I've sighted.

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